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The world of Congolese university

2016. May 03.

André, thanks to many Hungarian supporters, is now a first-year student at the Congolese university. We asked him how he felt in the first semester. Furthermore, we would like to congratulate him here because he has taken his first exams.

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"The world of the university

The world of the university is a completely different world, which is only known by those, who study there. The university is not only enjoyable, exciting and a place where a lot can be learned but also a place, which operates according to specified principles. If someone doesn’t respect the rules, they will be unable to fit in and finish their studies. The university here also consists of students and teachers, who teach those who wish to learn. Teachers create handouts for students, which help them prepare for exams but these handouts are not free. For passing the exams we not only need to be present in the classroom but also have to write the homework and pass the mid-year classroom test. Only then comes the exam.

My experiences of the first semester

I got information in the first year about my subjects and the theme we will follow. One year is divided to 2 semesters, 18 courses were listed in all, 9 courses were held in the first months, then another 4 built on them in the rest of the semester. All together I had to take the exams of 13 courses in March 2016. The exams were difficult and I was very nervous but in the end I passed almost all of them at first because I was diligently learning during the year. I had to repeat 3 subjects but I could consult with my teachers about my mistakes, so I could develop and succeed next time. Of course there are less helpful teachers here too, for example one expressed his disapproval that I didn’t learn from the summary created by him and according to him this is the reason I failed.
We’ve got 5 courses in the summer semester and we also have to buy the handouts created by the teachers. I usually buy these because I respect my teachers but sometimes more of us use one handout. I really hope that I will succeed with my exams this year too. I would like to meet the requirements, learn and obtain the accounting profession. I would like to also make the Foundation for Africa, my supporters and my parents proud. I am very happy that I can learn.”

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