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How can a stone crusher become an accountant?

2016. July 01.

Thanks to his sponsors, André now is close to finish his first year at the Pédagogiue Nationale University where he has been studying to become an accountant. Below you can read his update on his studies.

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"The courses will end on Friday, 1st July. The exam sessions will start on the 11th July, Monday. The university has its ups and downs; sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy. We have special rules and principles that have to be respected. If we are buying the handouts of our teachers, there will be no worries about successful exams. I already experienced the contrary: on the courses where i had difficulties I missed those handouts. So handouts are still a crucial part of my studies.
About my field of study: everything keeps going well because we have teachers that are competent. Their ways of teaching motivate us to make background research at bookcase it's lovely. I'm good at accounting, arithmetic, commerce, statistics, and the others. The courses that seem to be difficult for me are mathematical and political economy.
About friends: i have at least 10 friends with whom we have formed a study group. Together we share knowledge which is great."

We wish best of luck to André for the upcoming exams!

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