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Humanitarian tourism - 2010

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Humanitarian Tourism – Democratic Republic of Congo
More, than safari!

The humanitarian tourism is about the people (and it is) for the people. The tourists, who take part, throw in with the local people (for a while), they help them by their work while they win insight into the never seen African world.


1st day  Budapest -Douala - Kinshasa

Departure from Airport "Ferihegy" Budapest

Arrival in Kinshasa

Taking place, dinner    

2nd day - Kinshasa

Sightseeing in Kinshasa: initiation to the history of Kinshasa

Visiting Kabila mausoleum, Lumumba statue, city center, viewing some famed building

Afternoon: visiting into Snake reservation.

3rd day - Kinshasa

Visiting into our supported institutions (the first Congolese school College Othniel and the La Providence orphanage), giving gifts, viewing performances by orphans.

Having a common lunch with orphans.

Measuring a mini project with Humanitarian aim.

Walking in a poor section of Congo. We can get to know some moments from the life of poor and ordinary people. During the walk there will be a lot of lovely surprises from products of Congolese children and people. It's more than possible children would like to join us, because they enjoy walking with "white" guests.

4th day - Kinshasa -Kisantu-Matadi

Starting to countryside called Matadi. On this day we are going to travel about 350 km from Kinshasa, on the first road of Congo. Its condition is quite good. We stop at the botanical garden in Kisantu. The tourists will be having a fantastic experience, because you can view all exotic African floras on this place. During the road we will stop more times at fruits and vegetables marketplaces. You can taste these fruits.

In the evening to arrive in Matadi.

5th day - Port-town Matadi

In morning it's informal or you can view an African church service.

In afternoon viewing in the town Matadi built on rocks, after that walking on the bridge of Congo River.

6th day - Matadi

Meeting African housewives on the marketplace, common cooking, changing Hungarian and Congolese recipes. For men we organize fishing.

In evening having common dinner.

Alternative programs; it depends on the condition of the road.

For example: trip to Boma, to 120 km from Matadi.


7th day - Matadi-Kimpese

Departure on early morning to Kimpese. Stoppage in the village Bangu built on the hill.

You can get to know a project of the Foundation. That's a small surgery. After that we arrive in Kimpese.

8th day - Kimpese

Trip to the waterfall called Mvampa, crossing on the enthralling suspension bridge.

Return to the village called Dia-dia. Alternative programs: spending time with local people.

9th day - Kimpese-Mbanza Ngungu Kinshasa

Travelling on early morning to Mbanza Ngungu. Here there will be possible to visit caves.

Arrive to Kinshasa and after that sleeping.

10th day - Kinshasa mini project

Visiting into Bonobo Monkey Park

(you can find the most intelligent monkeys here)

In afternoon mini project.

In the evening Congolese folklore event.

11th day - Kinshasa mini project

Mini project.

About at p.m. 4 o'clock a football match.

12th day - Kinshasa

Visiting the orphanage.

Last dinner with a lovely surprise in France's family.

13th day - Kinshasa

Trip on Congo River, fishing, etc.

14th day - Kinshasa

In morning packing, in afternoon light walking.

Sightseeing, buying gifts.

In evening departure to the airport in Kinshasa.

15th day - Budapest

Arrival on Budapest.


  If you would like to take part of the journey, so please make contact with us via e-mail or on phone.

Humanitarian tourism - Hungarian administrator: Józsa Tímea - phone: +36 20 772 2279

The lead of this program: France Mutombo - phone: +36 30 262 1032


1054 Budapest, Garibaldi street 3. 2nd floor 1/A.

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