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Adopt in Tanzania!

tervezett project

Beside our College Othniel School in Congo and Ethiopian partner institute we are also in contact with Green Eden School in Tanzania in order to support 41 deprived children at present and as many as possible through our successful future coorporation.
Help and support a child!

Green Eden, our partner school in Tazania was established by Emmanuel Hhando Irafay and his wife, Mary Massay in 2010. Emmanuel used to learn his family’s living by doing odd jobs for many years, which enabled him to experience the difficult living conditions of the people along the border.

Emmanuel and his wife had always been deeply touched by these hard lives and wanted to help. This is why they decided to create a school for the most deprived children in 2010. This sanctuary is Green Eden.

Green Eden schoolchildren receive primary education up to class five and they became self-supporting in their early teens. They have to. 

The majority of these schoolchildren live in basic adobe houses in very modest circumstances and many of them lack food and water. They grow up wearing holey clothes and shoes and cannot afford to buy uniforms or learning materials. In the framework of our cooperation, however, our Foundation has managed to help and support 41 children in their hard struggle for existence. 

You too can provide the following forms of support:

  • Educational support 2900HUF/month
  • Food support: 3500HUF/month

Thanks to the Hungarian supporters our Foundation has been able to help thousands of African children during its 15-year existence. If you too would be happy to become a Tanzanian child’s adoptive parent please contact our Foundation at to get personal information about the children up for adoption go to the „Fogadj örökbe” („Adopt”) menu on our website. 

We hope to welcome you as a Tanzanian child’s supporter soon.
Thank you for all your help!