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Orphan boy in need of a supporter to continue his medical studies

befejezett project

We are looking for supporters for a 25-year-old Congolese boy for the continuation of his high college studies.

We are looking for supporters for a 25-year-old Congolese boy for the continuation of his high college studies.

Having finished the secondary school at the College Othniel, Tshava asked the Head of the Foundation, France Mutombo to support to his high college studies. The boy who learned until 2000 well was determined to realise his desire but the Foundation couldn't take on to finance the tuition fees. We promised him we try to do our best in order to find him supporter or supporters ready to contribute to his further education.

For the first five semester of the university Tshava found two supporters paying together the boy the school fees.

But in order to start also the sixth semester we are looking for other supporters. It would be also a great help if you took on a part of the tuition fees. In the case of more supporters the sum of the fees will be divided into more parts.

Tshava finishing his secondary school studies would like to continue his college ones, but his family background -being an orphan - doesn't make possible paying the tuition fees.

The sum of the wishes of the orphaned boy is to be a doctor and after graduating from the university he would repay the help not directly to the supporters but indirectly to the other people and patients in need. "If I could make my way in life and got the appropriate possibilities I would like to support the poor, orphans, widows and to help them in order to go back into the life."

We are looking for supporter / supporters who could contribute to Tshava's studies. We provide the contact with the boy and in front of the support we help with the establishment of the relations and we provide all the information for the supporters.

The sum of the studies for a semester: 820 $

The travelling and other expenses adding to it: about 940 $

Naturally Tshava would taken part in the expenses, as he can it.

"I rely on it, that I'd made my life better thanks to the studies and I could have been the light in the life of my family".

Don't let deprive him of the dream, the learning. Please, contact us in order to help together a child.

Look us for on the next availability points

Telephone: 06 - 36 -1 - 332 - 1054, 06 / 772 - 2279



The boy's story, as he wrote

My story

"My name is Tshava-Tona Quelord. I am the son of Toma-Mananga (a former DSP army officer) and Umba-Tshava. My mother gave birth five children, three boys and two girls. All of us were borne in the camp Tshatshi. I am the youngest in the family.

I went through some difficult moments and situations when the comfort of the people was not enough. This time I felt it was all over. The first difficulty occurred at my birth. I was badly positioned in the womb of my mother, so one had to do Caesarean section which was dangerous equally for me and my mother. But God showed his power and love to us when the ambulance came in order to take us along. Luckily I turned into good position to be born.

In 1990, when I was two years old, my mother suddenly died. My father was on a posting. I was too young, and I didn't know anything of the events happened. We stayed alone, it was a difficult period. Having returned to Kinshasa my father married again and we stayed together till the enter of A.F.D.L. Then we left the camp and removed.

The next period was also difficult, we starved, conducted a miserable life and had nothing to eat because my father went to Kitana, where soldiers died night and day because of the famine but God was devout to him and he returned to Kinshasa. Unfortunately in a year after his return 2001, my elder sister died after a long disease. Then we stayed alone till March 2005 when also my father died. Then I went to the third class and didn't know whether I can continue my studies or not. But thank God and by his grace I found the school, where one hardly had to pay school fees, so I could continue my studies. I stayed with my two brothers, they passed already final examinations, but didn't start the university because they hadn't had appropriate financial resources. My elder sister, the youngest sibling after me, stayed with, she got a tailoring certificate. We live happily but with difficulties like all the people.

By today thank God I finished the secondary school and I consider to continue the learning at the university. I think I could get better due to learning and I could be the light in the life of my family. But I miss the financial conditions because we cannot pay the tuition fees and the other arising expenses. If I could get better in the life I'd support the poor, the orphans and the widows in their going back into the life."

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