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Daniel Nseja Kasongo

befejezett project

Several years ago we published a similar call - We were looking for supporters for Tshava who still continues his studies successfully.

Now we announce a similar call from an indigent boy with the hope that he will find supporters.

Daniel's own hand wrote the following lines:

Dear Address,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Daniel NSEJA KASONGO. I was born on November 24. 1990. in Kinshasa province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I grew up in a family of seven children, three of us boys, and four sisters. MUKUNDI LEONTINE is my mother, Daniel KASONGO was my father. I was only two years old when my father died. My brothers and sisters were also little children at the time the tragedy happened.
Everything my father left behind was taken away from us by his brothers and sisters. We were forced out of our house and had to live on the street. We suffered a lot. My mother haven’t had a family that could help us. There was nothing to eat, we wear rags.
It was a terrible period, we suffered a lot. My mother finally decided to ask for help in a refugee camp. A "modified" barn was our "home" in the camp. But here at least – a non-governmental organisation, thanks to the J.R.S. – we had the opportunity to study. We learned the first six years of elementary school but then everything came to an end. The area was reclaimed by the owner of the property so all refugees had to leave the refugee camp. This period was hard as hell for us again because there was no place to go. Finally, we found refuge in a half-built house without door and windows. We had no relatives on whom we could have relied on. Thanks to my mother, who knit very well, she was able to pay our education from the earnings of her work and two of my brothers managed to obtain a degree. Therefore God also owe gratitude.

I would also like to go to university. Therefore I gathered all my courage and wrote this request. I thought, by the help of God, I can surely find good-hearted people who are willing to take side with and support me. In order to attend college I should pay for everything (certificate of no criminal record, certificate of education, birth certificate, application form, note-books, notes, books, tuition, travel expenses).

To have this opportunity, I ask for Your kind and generous help and support!
Thank you!

Yours sincerely:


We assist You to get in contact with the supported boy. Also before starting the support we provide every information to supporters.
Study fees are: 350$ for half a year
Let us help fulfill his dream, studying! We kindly ask You to get in contact with us, to be able to help him together!
For further information and contact we are available at the following:
Phone: +361-3321054 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +361-3321054      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, +3620-7722279 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +3620-7722279      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Office: 1054 Budapest, Garibaldi str. 3.

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Great News: Daniel has obtained a degree in International Studies

2015. July 15.

By earning the degree, the fatherless young man, whose life had been full of vicissitudes, has a fair chance to be self-reliant. Thank you for the support! More information