About Us - What we do

  • Establishing social and educational institutions
  • Supporting the education of orphans and disadvantaged children
  • Building schools, orphanages and hospitals in Africa
  • Authentically representing Africa and raising public awareness in Hungary
  • Humanitarian tourism program to African countries
  • Delivering humanitarian aid packages

Our mission

Most countries in Africa are torn by an irrational level of poverty, numerous diseases and incessant violence, which has moved us to act and provide assistance in an organized way. Our primary objective and guiding principle is to provide the African people with theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of education, health and social services, something they can apply in their everyday life and activities and employ alone in the future without external help. The temporary and ad hoc relief activities can increase a country’s dependence on external assistance and strengthen the people’s belief that they are unable to find their own footing. Therefore, the projects of the Foundation for Africa aim at a deep and sustainable process of change where the recipients are active participants, not only passive actors or "objects". This approach is based on the principle of mutuality and ownership.

The goals of the Foundation for Africa in the field of education, health and social services:

  • Establishing centres for disadvantaged children in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tansania as well as in other African countries in the future, when funding is available. These centres will provide all the essential facilities to improve the children’s living conditions and their chances for a better future. These include orphan care, education, health care, income-generating activities and vocational training.
  • Establishing new educational, social and health institutions and operating the already existing ones, where children have an opportunity to live and study under dignified and humane circumstances.
  • Procuring and delivering educational materials, school stationery and different presentation tools for schools in Africa.
  • Training local professionals and technicians who pass on their knowledge after the completion of the program to the local community and continue the work of the Foundation on the ground on a permanent basis.
  • Organising presentations with the purpose of prevention and information on diseases, lifestyle, birth control and other health issues in Africa.
  • Guaranteeing all the personal and material essentials to fulfill the Foundation’s goals.
  • Organising information sessions and exhibitions in Hungary for those interested in African culture.
  • Providing information and practical assistance in the prevention of diseases and the preservation of health.
  • Delivering hands-on knowledge that aims for self-sufficiency in agriculture, food conservation, hygiene and growing crops on own land.
  • Establishing social institutions and supporting the smooth operation of the already existing ones, where all the opportunities are ensured for the mental, spiritual and social development of the residents.
  • Seeking cooperation with other institutions and organizations to ensure that every disadvantaged person enjoys equal opportunities.
  • Providing humanitarian assistance for those in need by delivering clothes, school materials (school books in French and English), medicines, bandage, technical and other devices or financing particular medical treatments.
  • Acting and helping as a mediator if a public or private organization in Hungary is interested in supporting an organization in Africa.

Our achievements

  • We are successfully running our orphan and student support program. Our school, the Othniel Primary and Secondary School is continuously growing, in the 2011 we launched a new course as well. Currently we have 600 students enrolled. For most of them we have already arranged a Hungarian supporter. We also secure the regular salary of the school's 45 teachers.
  • We cover the basic, everyday needs of 11 orphans.
  • In 2005 we launched a major development program: from Hungarian donations we have started the construction of our first school in the Democratic Republic of Congo – as the main pillar of the social and educational child centre we envisaged. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the tireless work of the Congolese people, on 14 September 2006 we were able to inaugurate the first unit of the school building, consisting of 8 class rooms. Some of the students were able to start the 2006/2007 academic year already in this new complex.
  • In Spring 2004 we organised a two-month charity visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2005 we visited our institutions two times, and in March 2006 we organised another mission to launch our school-building project. In the autumn of the same year we opened the first Congolese-Hungarian school. We travel to Congo twice every year to visit our institutions, supervise the ongoing works and investigate additional needs. See pictures of our missions in the photo gallery.
  • During our 2004 visit we registered the Foundation for Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, opened our representation in the capital, Kinshasa and elected our local representative.
  • Since our foundation in 2002, we have visited over 100 institutions in nearly 150 cities and towns in Hungary to hold presentations and raise public awareness and tolerance. We have launched over 30 independent exhibitions with photos, child drawings as well as African works of art and objects. We have participated in dozens of festivals and events (e.g. Tranzit festival, Sziget festival or the Africa Valley festival, organised at our own initiative). Furthermore, we have been featured in a number of newspapers, magazines and TV programs.
  • Over the past few years we have delivered a substantial number of humanitarian aid packages containing medicines, clothes, school supplies, gifts and small presents from the Hungarian supporters of the children to our institutions in Africa.
  • In 2007 we have launched our humanitarian tourism program to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia. During our trips, travellers who seek a different travel experience and also want to support the people living in need, have the opportunity to get a first-hand feel of the African culture, the local circumstances and learn about our work on site.
  • In 2007 we have extended our orphan and student support program to Ethiopia in cooperation with Reaching Hearts for Kids, our American partner organisation.
  • How did we accomplish all this? With a team of motivated young people and a number of enthusiastic donors and volunteers. If you would like to join us, contact us for an application form!