About Us - What we do

  • Establishing social and educational institutions
  • Supporting the education of orphans and disadvantaged children
  • Building schools, orphanages and hospitals in Africa
  • Authentically representing Africa and raising public awareness in Hungary
  • Humanitarian tourism program to African countries
  • Delivering humanitarian aid packages

Activities in Hungary

Informative presentations, global education programs, travelogues with photo and video presentations, program series on raising tolerance, photo and object exhibitions, Africa events.

In our activities we place particular emphasis on the authentic representation of Africa, the actual situation on the continent and the real options for providing help to the people living there. Our aim is to enable more and more people in Hungary to join the global assistance and contribute to the improvement of the living conditions, particularly of those living in Africa.

To promote the notion of equal opportunities, we are trying to educate Hungarian society and organize presentations as well as screenings, exhibitions and other cultural events on the importance of tolerance across the country.

Over the course of the past few years we have held nearly 70 to 100 presentations every year for an audience eager to learn about the real face of Africa, both in the capital and in the country, for instance in Debrecen, Pécs, Kecskemét, Elek, Békéscsaba, Győr, Abony, Gyömrő, Nyíregyháza, Dunaföldvár, to name but a few locations. We have participated either as organiser or guest or exhibitor in dozens of cultural events that promoted the social responsibility of the individuals (such as the Tranzit Festival or the Africa-Asia Days) or the better integration of the migrants (such as the Migrant Festival). We are there in the Sziget Festival and in the Valley of Arts as well every year. Our presentations are compiled from the photos and videos taken during our missions to Congo and Ethiopia and from our personal experience and impressions. We regularly organise exhibitions from a careful selection of our photos, child drawings made by the pupils of our school in Congo, as well as a collection of African objects and works of art.

In Summer 2007 we organised for the first time a ten-day Africa Valley Festival, which was one of the official events during the Valley of Arts in Kapolcs.

If you know about any event or place that might be interested in hosting our programs, exhibitions or presentations, please contact Magdolna Reisinger, program coordinator at the Foundation for Africa!

  • Phone: 06 1 332 1054, 06-30/47-17-345
  • E-mail:

Informative presentations

Our informative presentations aim at showing the real, authentic face of the African continent. The approximately one-hour presentation is held in Hungarian and is complemented by a video and photo projection. It is followed by a joint discussion where the audience can ask questions and talk about their impressions and experiences.

We offer traditional African handicrafts for sale and upon request we organize a short African music performance, as well as food and drink tasting.

So far we have been invited to nearly 150 institutions in some 100 towns and cities.

Presentations to promote tolerance raise public awareness

The goal of our presentation to promote tolerance and raise public awareness is to teach a young generation of Hungarians to be tolerant, open-minded, to think free of discrimination and to develop a positive attitude towards development work in poor countries. Our presentations also provide them with a wide range of hands-on knowledge of this field. By using a method based on visual tools and personal experiences, we are introducing young people between the ages of 8 and 26 to African culture on every level, from primary schools to universities, in local cultural centres and cultural festivals.

Our long-term objective is to develop a positive and accepting attitude in the young generations, not only towards the African people but also towards other groups and nationalities. We envision that with the help of a memorable and informative presentation the way of thinking free from discrimination becomes a central feature of their personality in the course of their socialization.

The presentations are held in Hungarian by the leader of the Foundation, the Congolese France Mutombo Tshimuanga. They are 45 to 60 minutes long, depending on the venue. The photo and video materials presented have been collected over the course of our numerous missions to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia. The presentations are followed by a short discussion, during which the audience can ask questions and share their personal experiences and impressions. The topics and the tone of each presentation are tailored to the age and the interests of the participants. The wide range of photo and video materials at our disposal enable us to offer a great variety of presentations. If the venue is suitable, we also organise a food and drink tasting. A traditional menu we serve is the typical African dish, the fufu, originally made from corn flour or cassava, accompanied by bean in tomato sauce or mushroom.

Our own events:

  • Africa days
  • Africa festivals of two or more days
  • Africa evenings for business organizations and companies

Photo exhibition

The exhibition material is a careful selection of our best colour photos taken during our visits to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The major themes of the some 40 photos exhibited, framed in size 25x38 cm, are:

  • Social, health and educational situation in Congo
  • Everyday life
  • Nature
  • The projects of the Foundation

The photos – taken by digital camera and framed in size 30x40 cm – are exhibited as a part of a travelling photo exhibition. The exhibition takes place usually in tea and coffee houses, cultural festival and events, libraries, galleries and other cultural venues.

Some locations of our travelling exhibition:

  • Kapolcs Valley of Arts 2007
  • Sziget Festival 2006
  • CD Bár Buda, 22 Kacsa u., Budapest II.
  • Kossuth Klub, 7 Múzeum u., Budapest VIII.
  • Gallery of Mezon Youth Advice Centre, 2/b Batthyányi u., Debrecen, 4031
  • Bálint Ház/House, 16 Révay u., Budapest VI. 1065.
  • Kicsi@Világ Tea House and Meeting Point, 11 Madách Imre út, Budapest VII.
  • Budapest Cultural Centre, 55 Etele út, Budapest XI.
  • Fővárosi Művelődési Ház - Capital Cultural Centre, Fehérvári út Budapest XI.
  • Cseko Cultural Centre
  • Gödör Club – Tranzit Festival

More information on our exhibitions, the locations and the time are available here Aktualitások.