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New school year starts in Congo – Help us in the acquisition of new desks

To help the children’s smooth note taking we need 50 desks (15 000 HUF/49 Euro/53 USD/desk).Contribute quickly and easily to the education of Congolese students in the form of a donation regardless the amount of it. Push the button: "I Support" and use the credit card payment through our website.Thank you!

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La Providence orphanage - orphan support programme of Foundation for Africa

The Foundation for Africa has already been working for more than six years in the Munganga quarter of Ngaliema district of the capital (Kinshasa); it is one of the poorest quarters of the capital. The number of orphans is very high here. While we are not able to help all of those living in the slum, our aim was to help at least some of them; to...

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Vízibility for Everyone – The Relationship of Africa and Hungary in Terms of Water

NEFE, Millenium Development Goals, EYD. Expressions which are unknown to most Hungarian citizens. Year 2015 is when these expressions get linked, and thus we feel obliged to provide information about them.

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Transfer of innovations and know-how to Sub-Saharan Africa

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Do we know each other?

Our goal is to reduce manifestations of prejudice, promote dialogue between cultures, contribute to the development of an open society with interactive methods.

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