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Daniel Nseja Kasongo

Several years ago we published a similar call - We were looking for supporters for Tshava who still continues his studies successfully. Now we announce a similar call from an indigent boy with the hope that he will find supporters.

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Humanitarian tourism - 2010

Humanitarian Tourism – Democratic Republic of Congo More, than safari! 19th/Oct/2010-2nd/Nov/2010 The humanitarian tourism is about the people (and it is) for the people. The tourists, who take part, throw in with the local people (for a while), they help them by their work while they win insight into the never seen African world.

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Call for Application of the Afrikáért Foundation – EVS Group Volunteer Possibility in Congo

The Afrikáért Foundation announces its volunteer delegating project for the Democratic Republic of Congo which will be accomplished in the programme of the European Commission’s European Voluntary Service. The project makes for the young persons aged 18-30 years possible to know Africa, to get work and volunteer experiences in a developing...

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