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Ground correction on the schoolyard of Othniel College

"Our goal is to stop soil erosion because of the regular heavy tropical rains and creating an aesthetic image and a schoolyard that is much of a use." If you wish to contribute to any of our projects, please send your donation to the following bank account number of the Foundation for Africa: 11713005-20378846 In the comment section please...

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Student and orphan supporting program

2900 HUF per month provides an African child the chance of learning which is the key to break out the cycle of poverty. Could you write off a dinner in a restaurant for their sake?

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Humanitarian Schools and Students for Africa (Humanitáriánus Iskolák és Diákok Afrikáért, HID)

A bridge over the cultures This program targets to provide a virtual bridge between the students of the two continent, on one hand it is introducing the less know African culture and traditions to the Hungarian students and on the other it introduces Hungary to the Africans, in this way creating and interactive conversation what may lead to the...

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All children should read! – send a book to Africa

According to UNESCO, in 2011, more than 10 million people weren’t able to read or write. In Congo, where only 4 children out of 10 goes to school

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Let’s bring the fashion to Congo, collect and send cloths to the ones in need!!!!

Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasha, Ngaliema Township: That is where both of your institutions are situated, what is wholly owned and maintained by our Foundation with no state support.

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