Activities in Africa

Establishing social and educational center for children

On the long run, the aim of the foundation is to establish centers for disadvantaged children in the DRC, Tanzania and hopefully in other African countries in order to improve their circumstances and provide basic conditions for a better future: orpahanage, education, healthcare, vocational training.

Program for supporting students

  • Congo, Democratic Republic: College Othniel Primary and Secondary School, La Providence Orphanage in Kinshasa, Munganga
  • Tanzania: Masaai Foundation school and orphanage, Namanga village

The Foundation for Africa maintains College Othniel Primary and Secondary School for 1around 700 students in the capital of the DRC, Kinshasa. The school was a starting point of the foundation’s humanitarian mission when it was created and one of the cornerstones of the planned social and educational centres for children. In Africa it is a common problem that the state does not finance the educational sector. This is also the case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. Less the 2 from 10 children finishes secondary education, and only 6 of 10 can even start primary school. We believe that it is necessary to provide quality education future African generations so they can break out from poverty.

The Foundation for Africa has created a transparent student support program based on personal information which gives an opportunity to finance school fees individually for students studying at College Othniel. Standard educational support is 2900 HUF / month / child (approx. 13 US$) and an additional 2900 HUF each year – a so-called „thirteenth“ quarter – which is appropriated for minor renovations at the school.

We believe that it is important to establish a personal and interactive relationship between the supporters and the supported child. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to maintain constant relationship with teachers, staff and students of the African institutions. By providing a comprehensive portray of students available for sponsorship, we wish to give a realistic picture of the African, more specifically the Congolese and Tanzanian educational systems and the everyday lives of the students.

Since the beginning of the student support program, the schools have been constantly developing and growing. In 2005-2006 six new classes were launched and 500 more students enrolled, today we proudly say that we host more than 700 students and around 100 orphans. The second block of College Othniel is still under construction, so in the future we will be able to provide affordable education for even more students.

You can read more details about the program under the Adopt me menu.