Activities in Africa

Establishing social and educational center for children

On the long run, the aim of the foundation is to establish centers for disadvantaged children in the DRC, Tanzania and hopefully in other African countries in order to improve their circumstances and provide basic conditions for a better future: orpahanage, education, healthcare, vocational training.

School construction, Othniel Grammar and Secondary School

The number of students in the Othniel Grammar and Secondary School supported by the Foundation for Africa has stabilized. (The Baptist Aid Service and the Foundation provides education free of charge for nearly 1000 students.) The school building has become too small for the growing number of students.

This prompted the idea of creating a new school building in the vicinity of the present institution, where conditions are more favourable for studying. During our mission in 2005, on September 20th we laid the foundation stone for the new school building.

The handover of the first block took place on 14th September in 2006. Our students started the acadamic year 2006/2007 in the new school. According to our plans, there are two more buildings to be constructed. This means that the eight classrooms which have been already built would be amended with six new classrooms, teachers’ rooms, an IT room and toilettes.

You can also donate the construction of our new school, we appreciate your financial support transferred to our bank account to help us continue and finish the constructions. (Number of our HUF bank account: 16200010-10039959, or number of our Euro bank account: 16200010-10039980, or number of our USD bank account: 16200010-10039973, or click on the Support Now menu.)